Carbon fiber has become the high-tech material of the 21st century. The look of the fiber structure is different from all other materials differentiating carbon not only in terms of technology but also in terms of design. Our team was always deeply fascinated by that beautiful and technologically advanced material.

We have therefore tried to summarize the most important qualities relevant for carbon fiber eyeglasses manufacturing and further products where low weight, high strength, and chemical inertness play an important role:

  1. Physical strength, specific toughness, light-weight.
  2. Good vibration damping, strength, and toughness.
  3. High dimensional stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and low abrasion.
  4. Fatigue resistance, self-lubrication, high damping.
  5. Chemical & biological inertness, high corrosion resistance.
  6. Non poisonous

It is easy to call something strong, rigid, tough etc. In order to get to the point, we have conducted the research where we compare the fatigue limit of carbon fiber to other metals and got the following results:


By outperforming such materials as steel and aluminum it is clear that carbon fiber is a great choice for frame manufacturing that is always vulnerable to constant intentional or unintentional adjustments in the dimensions.

Another very important quality which we briefly wanted to mention is the chemical & biological inertness as well as non-poisonousness of carbon to human skin. In the century where everyone is surrounded by chemicals, it is vital to ensure that every single opportunity is used in order to protect ourselves from the negative influence of the chemical materials. Cvision is inspired by the fact that its eyeglasses products are also a great natural fit a human and will develop it’s product line further by offering carbon fiber sunglasses and eyeglasses for every use case and age group.

The advantages of carbon fiber can be endlessly discussed. Order a pair of our glasses from us and experience it yourself.


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