What is carbon fiber


Carbon Fiber is a polymer and also known as graphite fiber. It’s a very strong material that is also very lightweight. Carbon fiber is five-times stronger than steel and twice as stiff! Though carbon fiber is stronger and stiffer than steel, it is lighter than steel, making it the ideal manufacturing material for many industries. It is a high-tech material consisting of extremely thin fibers, composed mostly of carbon atoms that are twisted together in a crystal alignment that is incredibly strong yet lightweight. Other materials are added to form a composite.

General uses


Carbon fiber is a very popular and sought-after material for aerospace, civil engineering, and military applications. It is also coveted as a lightweight, strong material in motorsports as well as other high-performance, competition sports.

Carbon fiber eyewear frame


Taking a step ahead in making innovative use of Carbon Fiber, the latest adventure is in sunglasses and eyewear, a stylish pair of carbon fiber sunglasses is the most innovative and stylish form of use for the fiber. These days Carbon fiber products grab all eyeballs, earlier they used to be limited to auto accessories and industrial use. Now, there is a new and wide range of innovative products which are more stylish and multi-dimensional in terms of design compared to the traditional materials like metal or plastic.

Carbon Fiber is the latest commodity in the creation of luxurious and designer gadgets. It is a hit among the customers; this is the latest trend to look out for eyeglasses and shades. Carbon Fiber eyeglass frames are lightweight yet very strong; Carbon fiber helps create an aesthetic that is sleek, sharp, and trendy while maintaining an impressive balance between durability and fashion.

But, what makes this Carbon Fiber the best? The properties that make these Carbon Fiber stand apart include; then it can be woven together to form cloth and if needed to take a permanent shape, carbon fiber can be laid over a mold and coated in resin or plastic.

On top of being strong, carbon fiber is

  • High in stiffness yet flexible: The Carbon Fiber can be molded into different shapes and yet that can remain flexible.
  • High in tensile strength: The tensile strength of the Carbon Fabric is much more than normal material used for making the eyewear frames.
  • Has a low weight to strength ratio: The weight to strength ratio is 5-10 times stronger than metal and plastic generally used to make eyewear frames.
  • High in chemical resistance: Carbon fiber is corrosion-resistant and that makes it highly durable in different weather and climate conditions.
  • Temperature tolerant to excessive heat: Carbon Fiber material can tolerate high temperatures.
  • Has low thermal expansion: Expansion of Carbon Fiber is much less, that means it won’t change shape under high temperatures.
  • Hypoallergenic: The Carbon Fiber material is highly useful for people with skin allergies as it has been found as one of the least allergic materials for human skin.

Fashionable / hip


When it comes to designing, a number of brands offer eccentric styles with materials including plastic of artificial fiber and glass but are easily breakable. Caron Fiber is inherently soft, which is why it absorbs impact without shattering and that makes it an ideal material for making unbreakable eyewear frames.

This is exactly where the ultra-strong carbon fiber comes in an array of styles to suit different fashion preferences and is the first choice of every trend-loving person. While the other sunglasses require the help of an optician to adjust but these can fit by the user themselves. Carbon Fiber is a highly flexible material that can be adjusted to complement the needs of the user.

I’m not saying that fashionable glasses are only made from Carbon Fiber, it’s just a common theme in the eyewear industry. This is because Carbon frames have a luxurious finish and a vibrant range of colors. What better way to complement Carbon Fiber’s charming finish than with vintage and contemporary frame shapes. All of this makes for perfect fashionable glasses. You can wear them to class or out with friends for a casual dinner or party. If you are looking to make a fashion statement that shows true fashion sense, these glasses are the right choice.

Every weave of carbon fiber salutes technologies that give life velocity, hinges to comfortably lightweight in any lens shape. High-end eyewear using Carbon Fiber Sunglasses are unquestionably trend-setting product in the market.  They give room to designers to experiment with the shape, size of the frames without compromising on the quality of the product. You would be astonished at a number of design variations it produces with a considerable top quality layout and elegance hugging your head, and they’re so light-weight you might just forget about they being even there.


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